• Something New

    Tidal Salt embraces the unique terroir of Nova Scotia. We’re not trying to recreate fancy salts from overseas; we’re crafting a distinct product that reflects the rich maritime heritage and natural beauty of Nova Scotia itself.

  • Something Real

    Our fleur de sel and flavoured sea salts are harvested and processed by hand. By choosing Tidal Salt, you're supporting a small family business dedicated to building something new for all Nova Scotians.

  • Something Unique

    Tidal Salt products offer a rich and complex taste that elevates any dish, evoking memories of summers at the beach. With a mineral profile unique to Nova Scotia, it's an experience that mass-produced salts simply can't match.

Summer Vacation Frozen Pack

Want to relax more and stress less about meals this summer? Chef Audrey’s got you covered! Grab our gourmet frozen meals and snacks, perfect for your family or guests. Limited spots available for Antigonish!

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